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CREDC Kicks Off 2022 with a Pilot Business Accelerator Program for Southwest Washington Entrepreneurs

Vancouver, Wash. – Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) announced that it will direct its $50,000 business accelerator grant from the Small Business Administration to develop a pilot hands-on catalyst program for new entrepreneurs who are motivated to learn success strategies and grow their business network connections to scale and catapult their business to the next level.

The program is focused on developing hands-on learning sessions for new entrepreneurs/innovators in the core areas of first-stage businesses that may include financial literacy; sales strategies/pitch readiness; business operations/execution; HR and managing people; and strategy and success visioning.

CREDC is calling for entrepreneurs in Clark County region who are operating businesses up to $999,999 and who are interested in driving rapid change and growth in their business to apply to this program. Check out this link for details on how to submit an application:

The highly subsidized cost for this comprehensive business accelerator program is $500 per participant, with possible scholarships available. Space is limited to approximately 10-12 per cohort, and depending on the business profiles of applicants, the class may be approached as two sub-cohorts – new entrepreneurs and fast-growth prospects. Preference will be given to participant profiles that best align with the focus of this specific grant.

Preferred participant profiles are those who best align with the following attributes:

  • Accelerators, incubators and related entrepreneurs

  • STEM and R&D entrepreneurs including, but not exclusive, to the areas of advanced manufacturing, hightech, clean-tech, life sciences entrepreneurs

  • New entrepreneurs; women & minority entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs building technologies to address key policy issues such as clean energy and supply chain resilience, or an underserved target group identified by the applicant (i.e., rural, veterans, individuals with disabilities, etc.).

  • Traded sector businesses i.e., companies that sell their products and services outside Clark County, bringing new money into the local economy

“We are very excited to be able to offer this business acceleration program to Clark County,” said CREDC President, Jennifer Baker. “It’s a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs to scale up their business by learning smart tools and strategies.” Participants must be fully committed to four in-person learning days including pre and post session assignments, reading and worksheet preparation, goal setting, accountability tasks, one-on-one mentoring, and group discussions.

About CREDC:

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